Team Unique are proud to work with to deliver 100% authentic items to customers from around the world and in doing so have had the pleasure in being featured in the Pamono online magazine.

The article is a discussion based on wastage and how we can create something amazing and give a new lease of life to items that would have been previously thrown away or sent off for scrap. We believe in Up-cycling as much as we can and anything that we have left over is usually kept just incase it is required for a project at a later date. “Take it to the scrap” is not in our vocabulary.

“Waste not, want not, is usually attributed to wasting food, but our business is based on a version of this saying, as we endeavour to waste not, what is no longer wanted or needed.’’

In reading the article you will realise that our aim is to endeavour in creating a business based on sustainability while creating high quality products that we are proud of. Great care is taken in either simply giving an item a new lease of life or creating something completely bizarre and unique. We believe that all the items that we sell should represent our business: honest, authentic and high quality.

Transformed-Vintage Harrows

“We hunt high and low, near and far, mainly off the beaten track, endeavouring to prevent so-called scrap metal and aged timber from being weighed in and chopped up for firewood.”

We are proud to confess that we have no shame when it comes to hunting for new bits and pieces and that you will often find us at the bottom of a heap of so called “scrap” to find the next addition to our ever growing collection. Some items are sought, others are discovered. Some of the most peculiar discoveries become amazing pieces in our collection that we sometimes have a hard time selling. Unfortunately we can’t keep everything so we are thrilled when we find somebody who loves an item just as much as we do.

Discover more about our ethos and views by reading the Pamono article. If you have any enquiries then please get in touch.

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