The 3 R’s: Reclaimed, Redesigned & Recycled

Quite simply, Unique Vintage Industrial’s ethos is that design should not only serve its intended purpose whilst being unique and authentic but the creation of any design should benefit, not harm, our environment. The history of industrial design is rich and timeless and to discard it as scrap metal and firewood in favour of imported flat-packed alternatives would be doing this history a gross disservice. The more that can be reclaimed, redesigned and recycled the better. Ironically, you will see cheaply made imitation (a.k.a. reproduction) industrial furniture on the market today at the same price or in most cases at a higher price than the genuine article.

The collection of furniture and accessories recycled and created here by the team are what is known as ‘investment’ furniture’. Each has already proven its durability, has its own story to tell¬†and is environmentally friendly,¬†unlike anything new that is on offer.

Invest in your home, embellish it with reclaimed pieces with true soul and real beauty.