The Process
Furniture Design To Transform Your House, Into Your Home

The Hunt

Most weekends are spent trawling the UK and Europe for unloved, under-appreciated and redundant objects that might otherwise be traded in as scrap metal or firewood. Jacqui and Graham are drawn to a whole array of items with distinctive design, superb build quality, aged patina and to what comes with the territory: immense weight, such is the nature of the vintage industrial beast!

The Ideas

Once safely back at base, the design process begins. The 'dreamer' picks up her sketchpad and the creative juices start to flow. It is at this stage that the real job at hand becomes apparent... transforming a vintage piece from what is was originally designed and built for, into something functional and beautiful for today's home or business.

The Creation

With the designs and ideas at hand, the team of craftsmen begin the process of turning dreams into reality. The balance, strength and safety aspects are continually checked and hours and hours are spent meticulously crafting each piece using the reclaimed and recycled items at their disposal. All work is undertaken with respect and care... to over-restore is a cardinal sin in this business. Nothing short of beautiful chemistry between old and new.

The Delivery

The delivery of the finished piece is as important as the whole creative process, which is why Unique Vintage Industrial endeavour to handle as many of the deliveries as possible themselves. This not only ensures that the finished articles are received safely and on time but also provides the opportunity to see the items in their new home... and even take a couple of photographs for the business portfolio.

Should geography or timescale prevent this personal touch, trusted couriers with extensive tracking services are used.