The focus on sustainability is easier in some businesses than others but what is important is spreading the word. The more publicity these sustainable processes receive, the more people and businesses accept and embrace them.” Jacqui and Graham’s ethics extend into their personal lives as well. “We’re not big consumers,” says Jacqui. “We live well and don’t go without anything but we only buy what we need and we buy locally’.

World Earth Day is just one day each year but it highlights how precious and fragile our environment is. We all have a role to play in preserving this planet so as the recycling and up-cycling trends grow, more and more will be encouraged to ‘do the right thing’.

There is a saying along the lines of: “If one person copies you, it’s called plagiarism… if a number of people copy you, it becomes a trend”.  So, whether you choose to use the word up-cycled, re-worked or re-created, the message remains the same:

“All that is needed is the idea, the ability, and the determination to be different, and we can all make a difference.”