Springer-with-Great-DanesOn one of our days out we stumbled across (quite literally) a pair of stunning & majestic Great Dane Statues. While we do love our unique house furniture and storage solutions, we couldn’t help but fall in love with these magnificent pieces made of stone. This wonderful pair of Great Danes just had to be part of our collection.


After buying the statues from the previous owner we soon discovered they were going to need a bit more man power than we have on a daily basis… each Statue weighs in excess of 250kg! These truly are beautiful monsters.


Great-Dane-1With the help of professional muscle and extremely careful manoeuvring, we managed to get these amazing, unique statues back to the chapel.


You would be hard pressed to find statues like these with such beautiful colour and quality. They have a dramatic & commanding presence & would look fantastic indoors or outdoors in front of your house/driveway.  You don’t need to worry about them being stolen… unless the burglars come equipped with a crane!!  I think they may be noticed if they do so don’t you?


To view this wonderful pair in our collection then click here.