It is often the finishing touches to our homes where our personalities come shining through. Unique Vintage Industrial is host to a whole array of curiosities, from the functional to the aesthetic. The weird and wonderful relics of the past, both homegrown and from further afield, should be embraced and celebrated.
Vintage mirrors are a perfect way to open up a space. Take a look at the French vintage window shutters which have been converted into mirrors. Being window shutters, these can be placed indoors or outdoors creating another dimension to your garden or patio. If you like a touch of opulence, the huge vintage mirrors clad in genuine antlers, finished in gold or white, will most certainly transform a room. Amongst the other unique items, you will find everything from mannequins, vintage bottles, coatracks, blackboards, statues and even a vintage cannon.
Authentic vintage objects nod gracefully to the past while injecting a dose of the playful into any interior space so have fun, break rules, be daring… follow your heart!