Tall Vintage Drawer Unit
Tall Vintage Drawer Unit

Tall Vintage Drawers – Crown Embossed Handles

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Tall Vintage Post Office (GPO) Drawer Unit with G, R and a Crown embossed on each of the handles, dating back to the reign of George V 1910-1936.

In Latin: G = Georgius (George)… R = Rex (King).

The drawers are backless and have curved edges at the rear, designed for use as Filing Trays on the desktop.

The wood has aged beautifully, the original paint has worn off over the years (not to be confused with an inferior reproduction copy-cat!)

Standing 1.4m tall, this is a substantial, handsome and functional piece of storage furniture.


142cmH – 48cmW – 38cmD

Drawers: 7cmH – 40cmW – 32cmD

Sorry, I am sold.