Vintage Deed Box – Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid Baronet

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    Large Vintage Deed Box is one of a number of Deed Boxes salvaged from an old Solicitor’s in the City Of London.

    The front features hand-rendered lettering:

    ” The Trustees of SIR I L GOLDSMID, BART Somerville Estate No. 4″


    Isaac Lyon Goldsmid was born in London on 13 January 1778.

    He began in business with a firm of bullion brokers to the Bank of England and the East India Company.

    He assisted financially with the build some of the railways in southern England and also the London docks.

    He is chiefly known for his efforts to obtain the emancipation of the Jews in England.  The Jewish Disabilities Bill owed its final passage through the House of Lords in 1858 to Goldsmid’s energetic work.

    He helped to establish the University College Hospital in 1834, serving as its treasurer for eighteen years, and also aided in the efforts to obtain reform in the English penal code.

    In 1841, he became the first Jewish baronet, the honour being conferred upon him by Lord Melbourne.

    In 1849, he bought Somerhill House near Tonbridge, Kent.

    He died on 27 April 1859.


    It is clean as can be inside & out & is ideal for storing documents, photographs, keepsakes, collectables etc


    34cmH – 62cmW- 43cmD



    Sorry, I am sold.