Large Shelved Cabinet

Vintage Estate Cabinet

Sorry, I'm sold

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    Vintage Estate Cabinet from Hancock’s Lane End Brickworks, Buckley, N.Wales which was established in1792.

    The last chimney in Buckley was demolished on 26th Nov 2004, marking the end of a 250 year era of Brickworks in the town.

    This Large Hardwood Estate Cabinet with Pine-planked Rear is as handsome as it is heavy!

    The Left-hand side is lockable with its original key.

    The brick shown in the photos is one of 2 bricks found inside the cabinet, stuck to the top shelf by what looks like some accidentally spilt resin.

    The inner, complete with its marks, stains & drips has been left in its original condition to retain the cabinet’s authenticity.


    116cmH – 183.5cmW – 54.5cmD

    Shelves: 35cm, 32cm, 32cmH – 84cmW – 42.5cmD





    Sorry, I am sold.