Cast-Iron-Window-Pink!!We recently went to an amazing fair and came back with some even more amazing goodies.  We love arriving at fairs dotted around the country with no idea of what we are going to find.  Some items we find are gems and others some would see as rubbish but what we see is the opportunity is to give the items a new lease of life while retaining the history & original character.

We were thrilled with the items that we came back with from the fair & we can definitely see a home for them in our collection.  Take a look at this ‘Arched Cast Iron Window Frame from an old Mill’ and you would probably see a disgusting pink window frame but in the next few weeks in the hands of our Vintage specialists, you will see the true beauty revealed beneath this pink skin.

French-Shutter-MirrorThere are  items that we have collected which already have their own beauty without the need for restoration.  Items such as these are given some TLC and maintenance so they can live on without losing their authenticity & charm.

Rusty-stuff!There are other items that don’t show any sign of typical ‘home’ use or decoration but here at Unique Vintage Industrial, we can make the most out of any piece of rusted material.  Take a look at this pile of rusty Farm Harrows.  Once we have finished with these, you will be shocked what can be achieved with some imagination and hard work of course.

We purchased numerous other items that will be put to good use and feature a spot in our collection and our hearts.  You can find the other items that we purchased below.  Keep an eye on our news feed to be the first one to get the chance to purchase one of our golden pieces.

Steel-Bench-with-Swivel-Stool Pedestal-BasesOval-Trolley-TableSteel-Pigeonhole-Unit