Swivel ChairsThis week we have joined Joe French (not his real name!) at his soon to be opened restaurant, Woody’s in Manchester. Joe got in touch with us to help him dress his new restaurant with our unique take on vintage furnishings. Joe’s vintage collection started off with 2 Industrial Pedestal Tables which he purchased earlier in the year from our web shop.

We stocked up the van with plenty of Unique goodies that we felt suitable for a restaurant like Woody’s and took Stan the Skeleton on a trip to Manchester to get some air on his bones.

Once we arrived, the restaurant was a hive of activity in preparation for a VIP visitor this week.  Builders and electricians were all hands on deck but we could still see the amazing opportunity to help create a unique vintage industrial feeling restaurant.

Woody's Restaurant, ManchesterOnce we opened up the back of the van and started playing around with various items in different places, the room standard to come alive in front of us.  The great blend of pure simplicity and vintage industrial furnishings just made the room feel complete.  Joe was very happy with the items that we brought for him and was very excited at the sight of a ‘completed’ restaurant (well close anyway).

We have provided Joe not only furniture but also a selection of decor items, like our Industrial Wall Art.  These unique pieces created from panels that have been salvaged from an ex-military supplies depot, provided the perfect breaks in the exposed brick work.  Woody’s will also be home to one of our much loved Large Industrial Mirrors.  Although we love these mirrors and hate to part with them, we have to admit that it does look amazing in its new home.

Industrial Mirror

Below is a list of all of the items that you will be able to pick out once Woody’s opens up it’s doors to the public.

  • Black Tolix Stacking Chairs
  • Swivel Chairs
  • Industrial Wall Art
  • Pedestal Table Bases
  • Galvanised Tub Coffee Table
  • Large Industrial Mirror.

Manchester residents are a very lucky bunch to have a place like this to eat with a great manager like Joe.  We are looking forward to be able to take Stan for another trip to the restaurant once the doors have been opened and enjoy some delicious food.

If you own a restaurant or any other business that you think would benefit from having a Unique makeover then get in touch with us and we will bring a van of goodies for you to browse through and test in your space.